I am a Design Manager and leader with over 10 years of experience in consumer products, e-commerce and publishing. I manage teams of both Product and Communications designers, leading by example by being hands-on.

My passion is solving complex problems with design, shepherding solutions all the way from problem definition, through ideation and execution– constantly measuring the impact of the work.

As a manager, I try to lead by example as much as possible. I also like to give feedback often and take the approach that feedback is like salt: Most dishes benefit from it, but it needs to be added in moderation and at the right time. I try to structure regular feedback sessions with my team (separate from 1-on-1 meetings) so that there is a cadence, time and space for it, limiting unsolicited feedback as much as possible. Additionally, I always like my team to give as much context as possible, from what stages in the process they are at in the process, to what kind of feedback they are looking for, to ensure the meetings are productive and the feedback specific.

When I design, I start by researching the problem thoroughly, ensuring my team and I can very clearly state the problem and the goals. This also means aligning with Business, Development and other stakeholders.

I then usually sketch on paper or a white board, before diving into more detailed wireframes or directly into visual comps. I prioritize time for me and my team to maintain and evolve design systems, ensuring everything is up-to-date for easy collaboration.

For work opportunities, speaking engagements or to request a password to view my locked work, you can contact me at pamela@pamelacastillo.com

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamelacastillo/