About the Product

Sprightly was a visual news aggregator for lifestyle content. A cross between an RSS reader and Pinterest, it took into account recency as well as popularity in order to rank and display news articles for people to discover and read.

Team - Co-founded on 2013 with Jorge Lopez, former VP of Engineering at Refinery 29

Role - Product and Design

Sprightly - Web App

The grid was specially designed to accomodate different ratios of images, as well as displaying the most popular content larger, so that it was easier to discover. The latest stories were always on the left so that stories were not missed, combining a chronological feed approach with an algorithmic feed.

Sprightly - iOS App

The iOS app featured a mixed grid, combining content from the chronological feed and interspersing popular stories. The user also had the option to switch to a one story view. All stories were readable from the app, without having to click out to a webview.